Tiffany O'Neill Photography | About

Tiffany O’Neill, a native of Cleveland started taking photos in high school after her father gave her a camera from a thrift store. The simple gift sparked a passion that would lead to a life of photography.
Tiffany attended Ohio University, where she studied commercial photography, specializing in food photography. After graduating from Ohio University, Tiffany moved to Chicago to explore the big city and set up a professional photography studio. Inspired by the excitement and discovery of working in a five-star kitchen for numerous years, Tiffany primarily focuses on food photography – a field that combines her two passions. In addition to working as a chef, Tiffany’s fine art background lends a thoughtful, artistic element to her work providing clients with a powerful concept along with an appealing image. While food photography is literally her bread and butter, Tiffany has worked in portraits, fine art, and still life images for many years.

It wasn’t until 2010, that Tiffany moved back to Cleveland, her home town to settle down, and continue her love of photography. She now lives in Chagrin Falls, with her husband Matt, golden retriever Samantha, and calico cat Kaedella. Tiffany loves all thing food, photography, and fun.